Snow and ice cover changes in the glaciers of the Cordillera Real (Bolivia) 1987-2001: A remote sensing study (Master Thesis)

Fluctuations of mountain glaciers and ice caps are key variables for the observation of climate-related changes and the detection of enhanced greenhouse effects. Due to the narrow range of climate conditions under which glaciers and ice caps develop, monitoring the distribution, intensity, and rate of change of ice masses is of utmost importance in delineating spatial and temporal variations of the Earth’s climatic system. The purpose of this research was to analyze snow and ice cover changes of the glaciers of the Cordillera Real (Bolivia) during the period 1987-2001.

Rodent community structure and microhabitat associations at the Bernard Field Station, Claremont, California

Natural habitats in the valley and foothill areas of coastal southern California have been diminished over the past century as a result of intensive human development and sprawl. The loss, conversion and fragmentation of native vegetation have altered animal communities throughout the region as well, leaving populations isolated from one another and the remaining open space in the surrounding mountains and parks.

JeoPeg For MapWindow GIS


  • Creates a point Shapefile from Geo-Tagged Jpegs
  • Imports from multiple folders
  • Preserves Jpeg path and coordinates in attribute table

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Current Release: 0.0.3 Beta (20100128)

HEC RAS Utilities For MapWindow GIS


  • Import HEC RAS features to MapWindow 4.6SR
  • Create Inundation/floodplain layers
  • Create base layers with HEC-GeoRAS compatible field schemas
  • Pre-Process Layers for HEC-RAS SDF Export
  • Export to HEC-RAS SDF
  • Tested/Compatible with HEC-RAS 4.0

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